Business English (Group Online Courses)

🌟 Elevate Your Career with Our Business English Courses for Professionals! 🌟

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? Our Business English courses are designed to equip you with the language skills and confidence you need to excel in the corporate world. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, we offer the ideal course for your career aspirations.

🌐 Courses for Every Level: Our comprehensive range of courses caters to all proficiency levels, ensuring that you’re always learning at the right pace for your career development.

150 Hours of Intensive Learning: Each level consists of three meticulously crafted courses, totaling an impressive 150 hours of intensive language instruction. You’ll become a proficient business communicator in no time.

📅 10-Week Program: Our courses span a convenient 10-week duration, with 5 hours of weekly study. This adaptable schedule allows you to seamlessly integrate learning into your busy professional life.

Learn at Your Own Convenience: Flexibility is key. You have the freedom to log in and complete your weekly assignments at any time during the week, ensuring that your learning fits perfectly with your schedule.

🔑 Comprehensive Curriculum: Our Business English courses cover all crucial skills vital for career success:

  • Speaking: Enhance your communication skills for effective meetings and presentations.
  • Writing: Craft professional emails, reports, and documents with precision.
  • Reading: Improve comprehension of business documents and articles.
  • Listening: Sharpen your ability to understand spoken English in business contexts.
  • Grammar: Master the language nuances that make you stand out in the professional arena.

🌟 Upgrade to ‘eXtra’: Elevate your learning journey by choosing our ‘eXtra’ option. This premium offering includes a weekly one-on-one private live lesson with an experienced Business English tutor. This optional extra ensures personalized guidance and support, enhancing your professional language skills.

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