Teach Business English with ABE

ASEAN Business English is an online school founded with the aim of addressing the specific needs of Business English learners from the member nations of ASEAN (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

Launched in December 2020, we have around 45,000 followers on Facebook! And we are keen to build a small team of highly-trained online Business English teachers. In fact, our goal is to drastically improve the lives of teachers!

Did you know that most online teaching platforms pay their teachers only half of what students pay?
That’s a lot of income you are missing out on!

SOLUTION: Cut out the middle men! Earn $30 an hour or more!

ASEAN Business English has developed a novel approach which avoids the many pitfalls of teaching online, especially for the large Chinese chains.

  • We do not employ staff. We are an informal community of independent English language professionals.
  • Teachers are allotted learners on an equal basis by rotation, such that the work is distributed fairly.
  • Teachers are paid directly by their learners. The minimum rate is $30 an hour (50 minute or 2 x 25 minute live 1-on1 sessions).
  • Teachers can negotiate their own rates for asynchronous courses, group classes and corporate work.
  • ABE does not take a cent of our teachers’ earnings.
  • Participation is open to all regardless of age, nationality, ethnicity, native or non-native English-speaking status, or any other factor.
    All teachers are treated equally.

How to Join the ABE Teaching Community

The following qualifications are all that are required to join the community and launch yourself as an independent online Business English teacher:

  1. 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate from any provider.
    If you don’t have a TEFL/TESOL certificate yet, we have partnered with the International Open Academy to provide this with 80% off the standard price. BOOK TODAY for just $19

  2. DigiTEFL Certificate in ‘Online Course Delivery’ – Specialist training in the design and delivery of blended online learning, with a focus on developing highly-effective online asynchronous courses in virtual learning environments (i.e. Moodle).
    DOWNLOAD the Course Guide

  3. DigiTEFL Cert. IBET (Certificate in International Business English training) – Comprehensive training in teaching Business English, from making initial contact with a client and performing a needs analysis, to designing a course based on individual requirements, to selecting or creating content, to assessing your learners’ progress, and more.
    DOWNLOAD the Course Guide

What Happens Next?

Upon certification, you will be added to the ABE Teachers Directory and will be introduced to your learners. The allotting of learners to teachers is done by rotation, so that everyone gets an equal share of the work. You will be sent contact details of your learners along with an overview of their learning needs. You will then approach your learners, conduct a detailed needs analysis and design a tailor-made course for them (all of which is thoroughly covered in the Cert. IBET training).

We recommend that you bill your learners for 3 – 5 hours in advance at $30 an hour. Learners pay you directly. ABE does not profit from this service beyond the fees for the required training courses.

Become a Freelance Business English Trainer

The ABE Teachers Directory exists to help teachers get started as freelancers. However, the DigiTEFL training will also equip you to design and deliver online courses in other contexts, and to build your own clientele, delivering Business English training both online and face-to-face in corporate settings.


Please CLICK HERE to download the registration form.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you guarantee my investment in the training will be justified?


In terms of ABE, teaching just one learner for 3 hours will reimburse you in full. Our training actually guides you towards developing 20 – 30 hours of tailor-made training for each student. Apart from ABE, which is largely intended to help you get started, the training is applicable in other contexts. The comprehensive Business English course will fully-equip you to build your own clientele, delivering Business English training both online and face-to-face in corporate settings.

I already have a TEFL certificate.

Great! We accept any 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate. The International Open Academy course mentioned above is just for people who don’t already have a TEFL/TESOL certificate. You don’t need to do another one!

Is a degree required?

No! We value other qualifications and experience too. We are specifically interested in helping non-graduate teachers who have real-world business experience, which will be of more direct benefit to Business English learners.

Is there an age limit for teacher registrations?

Absolutely not! Unlike some of the big online school chains, we do not consider being young and pretty a qualification for online teaching! We are particularly keen to help retired people who have a business background to open an additional source of revenue.

How about South Africans, non-native English speakers, people of colour etc. who are too often discriminated against in the TEFL industry?

MisterBee (Training & Educational Services) – the parent of ASEAN Business English and DigiTEFL eLearning – has a strict equality policy. We do not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever. All participants of the ABE project receive the same high level of training and are on an equal footing, receiving the same hourly rate of $30/hour and given an equal distribution of students.

I already have a Business English teaching certificate. Do I need the DigiTEFL Cert. IBET too?

Yes! The DigiTEFL Cert. IBET means we can guarantee the high quality of our participating teachers, and entails that members of the informal community are working with the same standards. Further, since you will be paid directly by your learners and we don’t take a cut, the ABE project is solely funded by fees for the required courses.

I already teach online, so don’t need further training.

You may well be experienced in delivering live lessons in a virtual classroom, but this is just one element of online education. Our specialist training covers an array of topics from designing and delivering entire online courses in virtual learning environments, plus content design, how to effectively balance self-access content with live sessions, the facilitation of learner-centred knowledge construction, and assessment. If you think ‘teaching online’ means just live lessons in a virtual classroom, then get ready to think again! Further, since you will be paid directly by your students and we don’t take a cut, the ABE project is solely funded by fees for the required courses.

Are DigiTEFL courses accredited?

DigiTEFL eLearning is devoted to supporting independent online English teachers, so our training is designed specifically for people who wish to work on a freelance basis. If you are seeking employment which requires accreditation, we recommend the Trinity Cert. IBET. This follows exactly the same curriculum as the DigiTEFL Cert. IBET. You will learn exactly the same skills, but will pay 16 times the price!